Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

 A Theater Flamenco show based on the well-known legend

An original adaptation to the classical “Snow White Story” for the entire family. Snow White who was banned to the forest by the evil

queen, and who goes through many fascinating experiences as she overcomes the cruel forest devils, finds comfort in the hands of the moon fairy and meets the seven whimsical dwarfs

…When the queen discovers that Snow White is still alive in spite of all her efforts she decides to get rid of her once and for all

But in the end with courage, faith and love, Snow White wins and gains her lover, prince charming

A unique, colorful and enchanting flamenco-theater show, combining flamenco, classical and contemporary music

Artistic Director and Choreography: Mijal Natan

Dancers: COMPAS – The Israeli Flamenco Dance Company

Text: Yair Scheonfeld

Mirror voices: Galit Giat

Artistic consulting: Raanan Ferrera and Moshe Ben Shosan

Costumes and Set design: Rakefet Levi School for stage design

Lighting designer: Yaakov Baresi

Marketing & Producing: Keren Regev-Aviv




Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Shows

אין הופעות קרובות


From the Press

“..Dance and play scenes naturally merged into a fine composition of story and rhythm.. ‘A Magic of a Legend’ is an excellent title for what the spectators experience..” Haaretz