Recommended from the age of 6

An Israeli version for the classical well-known Spanish “Carmen”, performed by the Israeli Flamenco Dance Company – COMPAS.

The COMPAS Dance company along with the artist Yehuda Goldin and an actor present an optimistic version calling for an ending to violence between people of all nations.

On stage, before the eyes of the audience an intricate pattern is woven between dance, acting and art, presenting a multi faceted experience of the senses that is quite unique and original.

During a period where we are all coping with the tragic results of violence in our society, this performance transmits a spirit of personal responsibility, and commitment of the individual to put an end to violence. The performance of “Carmen” brings these to life for the viewers – It is possible to make changes in this world!  Even the conclusion of the performance can be changed to help prevent violence and the spilling of blood. 

Choreography:                                                          Mijal Natan

Adaptation from: Prosper Mrima:                          Yair Sheinfeld, Ilan Sheinfeld

Production:                                                                Orna Ben Horin

Costumes:                                                                  Roni Aviv

Artist:                                                                         Yehuda Goldin

Dancers:                                                                     COMPAS Dance Company



אין הופעות קרובות

 From the Press

“Flamenco that rises above the contemporary in all its forms…” Haaretz