The Company

The COMPAS Flamenco Dance Company  stands out for its versatile range of artistic language: from traditional Flamenco to the innovative and daring – Bold Beyond Frontiers.

COMPAS is an international company, based in Tel Aviv, works and performs around the world.
Founded in 1997 by Mijal Natan- its artistic director, choreographer and leading dancer, the Company incorporates artists from a variety of fields including music, theater, fine arts, contemporary and classical dances, to create and develop rich and compelling flamenco dance programs.

The Company’s members are a group of versatile dancers, who master the secrets of traditional Flamenco, along with additional disciplines, including clasico español, classical ballet, etc., all fully share the vision of the Company and its motto.

Throughout the years, the COMPAS Dance Company has showcased its rich repertoire at various festivals and events across the world:

2017: Copenhagen Jewish Culture Festival, Denmark
2016: Tokyo Midsummer’s Night’s Flamenco Festival and Hakodate World Music and Dance Festival, Japan
2015, 2005 & 2003: HIGH FEST International Festival, Yerevan, Armenia
2009: The International Festival in Budapest, Hungary
2009 & 2006: The Winter Festival of Sarajevo, Bosnia
2004: Finalist at the prestigious competition Certamen de Coreografia, in Madrid, Spain
Israel: The Israel Festival, The Karmiel Dance Festival, in Suzanne Dellal Centre: MACHOLOHET, International Exposure, Kesem Shel Agada Children’s Festival, Dias De Flamenco, International Guitar Festival, Curtain Up and more.

The company’s rich repertoire contains of 20 different productions:
UNODUETRIO – An intimate show all composed of solos, duets and trios
Kimica – Chemistry. The infrastructure of trust, of contact between dancers-musicians-audience.
The Last Night in Toledo – An enthralling and touching dance-theater on the Spanish Expulsion
Armonia – Collaboration with guitarist Yechiel Hasson. A meeting point between musical worlds.
AguaDulce – A unique and original evening in the style of Ida y Veulta
QUINCE – Different episodes with different scents from the flamenco world
The Puss in the Charming Boots – Dance-theater for children
Don Quijote – A production based on the famous story
Pavo Real – A multiplayer performance combining Flamenco music and Argentine tango
OTROS – Choreographers create for the COMPAS Flamenco Dance Company
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs – A flamenco-theater show based on the well-known “Snow White” legend
Con el Tiempo – A journey to the flamenco world
King David & Bat Sheba – A personal artistic interpretation to one of the complicated episodes in the bible.
A passionate, dramatic, colorful and multi-participant production.
La Dama de las Camellias – A co-production with The Miguel Angel España Ballet. An original production based on the famous story.
Cuatro Caminos – Flamenco in four chapters. Original choreographies for traditional styles of flamenco.
Luna y Media – A different show; innovative, daring and groundbreaking. The Flamenco goes to far-reaching districts, confronts stigmas and consensus that are associated with the flamenco world.
Espejo – A dialogue between the flamenco and other styles of dance: dancers, musicians and special guests.
Carmen – A flamenco dance theater. An optimistic version based on Prosper Mérimée’s novel. Combination of dance, acting and fine art.
Mi Alma – An original and authentic flamenco show                                                           
The Magical Fan – A studio work for children. An inter-active piece to experience the flamenco world.

COMPAS is a nonprofit organization that contributes to the community by regularly cooperating with AKIM, the National Association for the Habilitation of the Mentally Handicapped in Israel:
mind-enriching, expression-developing and spirit-uplifting through flamenco.
COMPAS also promotes coexistence by making its Snow White production accessible in the Arabic-language to Arabic schools and whole-family audiences, as well as increases awareness against violence by consciously choosing to narrate a different and optimistic ending to the whole-family dance-theater Carmen.