Born in Israel, Michal came to Spanish flamenco dance after learning many different styles of dance – classic, modern, Buto (Japanese dance), and other ethnic styles of dance. Read more
COMPAS is the leading repertoire flamenco dance company in Israel.
In the last few years the company has become the leading institute of implementing the flamenco culture in the country. Read more
The company contains of 8 dancers,one of which from Spain. A group of versatile dancers that master the secrets of the traditional flamenco, along with additional disciplines such as clasico espanol, classical ballet etc. All fully share the vision of the company and its moto. Read more
Friends of the Dance Comapny. Read More
The Israeli Flamenco Dance Company practices at the Casa Compas…Read More

The Studio

The COMPAS Flamenco Studio was stablished in 1992 by Mijal Natan, the founder, coreograher and artistic director of the COMPAS Flamenco Dance Company.
Mijal Natan, a B.ed graduate as Certified Senior Teacher for Dance of the Kibbutzim College of Education, Technology and the Arts, has been performing and teaching for many years throughout Israel and around the world.

Students from all over Israel attend the Studio, which operates as the leading professional Spanish and Flamenco Dance institute in Israel to train dancers to an international level.

 The Studio offers classes for students from the first step, including ammatures, at all ages. Enriching theory classes, technique classes, Clasico Español, men’s groups, children’s groups, professional Ensemble training, etc.

Classes and rehearsals maintain emphasis on proper posture, rhythms, experiential learning and the special atmosphere of Flamenco.

The Studio hosts renowned artists from Spain on a regular basis, who hold fascinating and challenging workshops and create new choreographies.

The Studio is the home of the COMPAS Flamenco Dance Company, where it grows its future generation in the framwork of flamenco classes that are held in it throughout the year.


“Kimica” manages to create an aesthetic experience, unveiling the complexity and beauty of communication in flamenco, and invites the audience to surrender to it.”

“Flamenco that rises above the contemporary in all its forms…”


“Four acts that together compose a mosaic of

the flamenco culture- an ancient culture of music and



“..Dance and play scenes naturally merged into a fine composition of story and rhythm.. ‘A Magic of a Legend’ is an excellent title for what the spectators experience..”

“Each dance act was special and exquisite and delivered another style of dance, a different perspective of flamenco.”

“Exciting dances, drifting passion of pure Spanish singing, live romantic music from the depths of emotion, beautiful outfits and original scenery are the ingredients of a rich invested show, in which the magic of flamenco dance and music finds both poetic and sensual expression.”
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Date Tour Venue Buy tickets
30.10.2021 | Saturday | 9:00pm Flamencollage SUZANNE DELLAL CENTER
TEL AVIV   03-5105656
15.11.2021 | Monday | 9:00pm Guitar Festival TZAVTA
תל אביב
18.11.2021 | Thursday | 8:30pm Luna y Media Heichal Hatarbut Or Akiva
Or Akiva
19.11.2021 | Friday | 2:00pm Luna y Media SUZANNE DELLAL CENTER
TEL AVIV   03-5105656
18.12.2021 | Saturday | 9:00pm Premiere SUZANNE DELLAL CENTER
TEL AVIV   03-5105656
22.12.2021 | Wednesday | 8:30pm Luna y Media GIVAAT SHMUEL
Giva’at Shmuel
25.12.2021 | Saturday | 9:00pm Premiere SUZANNE DELLAL CENTER
TEL AVIV   03-5105656
22.02.2022 | Tuesday | 5:30pm The Hunchback of Notre Dame Heichal Hatarbut Pisgat Zeev
29.03.2022 | Tuesday | 8:30pm CLASICO ESPANOL Heichal Hatarbut Ashkelon
31.03.2022 | Thursday | 5:00pm Brain of a dancer ESHKOL
24.05.2022 | Tuesday | 5:30pm Puss in Magic Boots Heichal Hatarbut Oranit
31.05.2022 | Tuesday | 5:30pm Puss in Magic Boots Heichal Hatarbut Kiryat Gat
Kiryat Gat

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בית להקת הפלמנקו הישראלית COMPAS

               COMPAS Dance Company

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